Garlic Bread
Crispy ciabatta bread with homemade garlic butter


Shrimp & Avocado Salad 
Shrimp and avocado salad with seafood dressing.


Crispy Peri-Peri Chicken (GF Available) 
Spicy marinated chicken tenders coated in a rich flour mix served with petit salad and peri – peri mayo



Seafood Chowder (GF Available) 
A thick creamy soup made from a selection of NZ’s freshest & finest Seafood. Served with garlic bread


Salt & pepper Calamari (GF) 
Crispy calamari served with petit salad and garlic aioli


Garlic Prawns ( GF) 
Cooked in a rich creamy garlic butter sauce served petite salad




Akaroa Salmon (GF) 
Salmon fillet seared with crisp skin served with garlic mash, sauteed seasonal & creamy caper sauce.


Beer battered Fish ‘n’ Chips 
Southern favourite fresh market fish in light beer batter, served with fries, salad & tartare sauce


Catch of the Week (GF) 
Our catch of the day creation changes frequently; dependent on the weather, the moon and the chef.


Flintstone Rib Eye (GF) 
Prime 350g rib eye steak on the bone, grilled to your liking served with homemade tomato puree, root vegetables, caramelised onion, chips & Beef jus


Canterbury Lamb Shank (GF) 
Slowly braised Canterbury lamb shank in a rich herb, red wine and balsamic stock served with beetroot & potato mash, sautéed green veggies and lamb jus.


Stuffed Chicken 
Chicken breast stuffed with tarragon, bacon and mushrooms served with crumbed potato croquette, seasonal vegetables and a red wine plum cherry sauce


Basil Pesto Risotto (GF) 
Basil pest risotto rice served with balsamic cherry tomato


Spaghetti Bolognese (GF) 
Beef Mince cooked with marinara sauce and served shredded parmesan cheese




Vanilla Creme Brulee 
A thick creamy based custard served with almond apricot biscotti.


Banoffie Pie 
A gooey banana caramel on a biscuit base , Italian meringue and vanilla ice cream.


Cheese Cake of the Day 
Please refer to the waitress for our daily flavor.


Black Forest Brownie 
Flourless double chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. (GF)


Icecream, a shot of coffee, and a shot of liqueur


Liqueur Coffee $ 10.50
Tia Maria
Grand Marnier
Black/White Sambuca

Ports $ 10.00
Brown Brothers Tawny Port Croft Aged Tawny Port